Watch free movies online on 123Movies unblocked site - all new movies & TV shows in HD with subtitles.

123Movies is a popular online service that lets you watch movies and new series of TV shows for free from anywhere in the world! All movies and serials listed in the 123Movies catalog are in English with plug-in subtitles.

It's hard to overestimate the popularity of movies and TV series in today's entertainment world. It's hard to find someone who doesn't love to spend an evening watching a movie or a new episode of a favorite TV show. It is at the intersection of people's interest in entertainment and the availability of such entertainment is our streaming service 123Movies.

We invite users from all countries to watch free movies and TV series online in HD quality for free and without a subscription!

Why 123Movies is so popular

The many advantages of using our service are self-evident, but for new users, we're ready to list them again:

  1. 1. All movies, TV shows, reality shows, sports broadcasts are available absolutely for free!
  2. An enormous collection of over 120,000 movies and TV shows to choose from.
  3. We upload new movies and TV shows as soon as they are available online.
  4. High quality video available - HD 720p/1080p to choose from.
  5. A large number of selections of the best - if you don't know what to watch, this will help you decide.
  6. Simple and concise interface, allowing you to quickly find a movie or TV show.

This is not a complete list of our advantages. You can fully know all the pleasures of using our service only when you start using it!

123Movies is compatible with devices and browsers

It often happens that users can't start an online experience because their browser or device doesn't support streaming or the data transfer is in a format that's not compatible with their smartphone, for example. Now you can forget about these problems!

The new 123Movies site is designed so that 99% of users won't have any problem watching free movies! All scripts and software of the service are tested by professionals and we can responsibly declare that the service is compatible with all devices and browsers.

So you can use 123Movies from your smartphone (Apple, Android), tablet (Apple, Android), laptop (Apple, Windows) and game console. Also with any browser, be it Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari or any other online viewing of movies and shows will be seamless.

How you save money with 123Movies

Everyone has long been used to the fact that to watch a new movie, you have to go or drive to the movie theater and pay for a ticket. If you want to watch a new TV show, you have to buy a subscription to a paid service and renew it all the time. Plus, once you've seen a movie in the theater, you can't watch it again if you want to. That's the truth of life. But now you have a great opportunity to save!

The 123Movies online service doesn't require a paid subscription or credit card details. All videos on our site are completely free and don't cost anything extra... except for popcorn :)

Also, we don't have any hidden ways to make you pay - use 123Movies completely free and save!

Functionality of 123Movies

The main functionality is the search. It lets you find any movie if it's in our database. In case we don't have it, you can ask us via feedback form and we'll upload a movie or TV series on your request.

The multifunctional menu allows you to easily navigate the site. In the menu you will find the division of content into the main categories: genres, years of release, selection of the best (by year and genre), thematic selections (Halloween, Batman, Spider-Man, Aliens, etc.), reality TV, sports programs.

The rating system allows you to determine how good a particular movie is. Thanks to our friendly community, we are able to see an average rating from 1 to 10. The higher the rating, the better the movie / series / TV show. After watching it, be sure to give your rating. It will help other 123Movies users!