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Rose West: Born Evil?

Rose West: Born Evil?

Movie was released on 2021-06-08 and lasts 69 min. Rose West: Born Evil? belongs to the following categories: Crime, Documentary. Directed by Jared Wright.


This documentary tells the story of Rose West from baby to mother to murderer. This is a side to the world’s most notorious criminal that viewers have never seen before – her childhood. Using incredible first-hand accounts from people who knew her as a child; neighbours, teachers, friends and relatives, we’ll go through the key turning points in her upbringing that made her the killer she was to become. By intercutting between her harsh childhood and the psychopathic tendencies she presented in later life and the despicable crimes she would go on to commit, plus with the advice of on-screen psychologists; the viewer will get a better sense of why Rose West became the serial killer of at least 12 young women.

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Genre: CrimeDocumentary