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Strays (CBC Television) aired on 2021 and belongs to the following categories: Comedy. The IMDB rating is 3 (updated 11-26-2021). Tv-Show directed by Kevin White. CBC Television aired 1 seasons and 5 episodes for now.


STRAYS follows Shannon Ross from Kim’s Convenience as the new executive director of the Hamilton East Animal Shelter, where she is boss to an eclectic staff. Now in her 30s, Shannon is ready for a change and new challenges. She’s putting Toronto in the rearview to focus on her new job, new relationships, reuniting with family and learning more about herself. Shannon’s trademark positivity is put to the test as she manages an oddball team, including her apathetic cousin Nikki, her over-eager animal care manager Kristian, her overly sheltered office manager Joy and the building’s maintenance guy Paul, whose straight-faced prison humour keeps everyone on their toes.

Views: 22

Genre: Comedy


Studio: Thunderbird Entertainment

TV Status: Returning Series

Release: 2021

TMDb: 3

Networks: CBC Television

Starring: Emily Piggford, Frank Cox-O'Connell, Kevin Vidal, Nicole Power, Nikki Duval, Paula Boudreau, Tina Jung, Tony Nappo